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Maturity: Andy Dosty And Okesse1 Apologise To Each Other After The Presenter Sacked Him And He Insulted Him Back

In an interview with Ola Michael on Neat FM entertainment show, Andy Dosty and Okesse1 have settled their dispute after the ace presenter sacked the rapper from his show on Hitz FM for being late and showing rudeness.


Ola Michael on his show called Andy Dosty on phone while Okese1 was also listening and the two explained and settled their misunderstanding.

According to Andy Dosty, what happened was unfortunate but however, he apologised to the rapper asking him on air to for forgive him of what he did.

Okese1 also indicated that all his insults, calling Andy Dosty a “big fool” was said out of anger.

Okese1 apologised for what he has done to the presenter and even asked him to collaborate with him on a song.

Listen to the interview below:

This comes after Hitz FM‘s Day Break Hitz show host, Andy Dosty today, 10 February 2021 had the “Na Today” rapper as his guest.

A video is fast trending across most social media platforms that captures angry Andy Dosty’s reactions towards Okesse1 after he came to his show late.

Andy Dosty asked Okesse1 if he was Ok and he answered that he was although he initially felt that Andy’s question was harsh.

Okese1 in his respond acted kind of rude towards Andy Dosty as he responded questioning why he thought he was not okay.

Okesse1 challenged Andy Dosty along the line and that burst his bubbles and he asked him out of the studio saying he doesn’t entertain rudeness and lateness,

After Okese1 left the studio of Hitz FM, he reacted to the incident in anger as he insulted Andy Dosty telling him he is a big fool and that he started his own business when he was 20 in California,


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