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Massive registration in Ketu South Creates Panics And Fear In Npp


The Electoral Commission (EC) has so far registered over 15,445,346 voters during the fourth week of ongoing registration exercise meant for this year’s General Election.

Out of the figure, the Greater Accra Region and Ashanti region are leading the other fourteen regions with 21 and 20 percent respectively, Eastern Region at a distant third with 9.5 percent while the Central Region followed with 9.4 percent and North East Region trailing at the bottom with 1.7 percent.

When watching the press briefing, it was stated clearly here during the weekly press briefing “Let the Citizen Know,” a medium being used by the Commission to clarify all processes and activities ahead of the General Election.

The commission gave the total numbers of registered voters per the regions and various constituencies, but if you look critically at Ketu South figure which brought a lot of brouhaha in the news before the starting of the new voter ID.
Ketu south case is a difference now as we speak, the phase four week four has ended, Ketu south has recorded another huge number which is about to be two times of what was recorded in the old voter register.
What has changed now? Are they still registering Togolese?

Are borders not closed?
I hope the security officers were deployed heavily in the town? At the time of phase three, Ketu south has recorded over 110,123 which scares opposition and brought a lot of party appointees to the town including the regional ministers and their deputies.

There’s a need to stress here at this point that the figures provided above are provisional figures. When the registration is over and all the processes including inputting of the data are consummated, the Commission will announce the final figures for each region and its constituencies for the information of all stakeholders, and all actors are encouraged to reach out to the Commission regarding any discrepancies in the figures.

Reports reaching the Commission indicated that some areas are recording duplication of figures of which commission has to take a critical look at before and after the registrations are over.
Reports also reached the commission which indicates some schools, the team could not even register 50 percent.

“In our endeavor to ensure that every Ghanaian who qualifies is given the chance to register, the Commission will also have a mop-up registration for all those who will not be captured during the main phase of the registration exercise. Can we say another mop-up will be another doom for the ruling government?
Is Ketu south also going to experience these upcoming mop up?

Even though, it has come to the notice of the ruling government the NDC polling agent and the party executives at the registration centers were collecting the voter ID cards and take details from the cards including their telephone numbers. Is this part of the electoral commission law? If no, what action is the commission going to take against these people?

The above actions of the political parties especially the above-mentioned parties is not part of the electoral laws, and those people doing this in the name of political parties should desist from that.

The various political parties who are also transporting people from one community to another should kindly desist from transporting people from one district to the other to register when they knew very well that the people were not residents in those places.


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