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Man recreates Aladdin as he floats on ‘magic carpet’ in viral video (WATCH)

YouTuber in Dubai brings alive Aladdin and the magic carpet scene from the popular folk tale.


Have you been mesmerised by the enigmatic world of Aladdin and the magic lamp during your childhood? The popular middle-eastern folk tale was indeed an enchanting story with genies, lamps and magic carpets.

Now, a YouTuber named RhyzOrDie has made a part of that magical world into reality. He made his own magic carpet and cruised around the streets of Dubai on it. Don’t believe us? Scroll down and see for yourself!

In his video, RhyzOrDie can be seen wearing an outfit similar to Aladdin, complete with a white and gold turban and a gown. He can then be seen on top of a seemingly magic carpet, which appears to be floating above the surface of the ground.

The video shows the YouTuber gliding and floating on his magic carpet through the streets and markets of Dubai. Later in the video, the talented Youtuber can also be seen floating on his carpet over the surface of the water.

The video has over 108k views and tons of amazed reactions. People loved the video and wrote how the scene totally looked like Aladdin had left medieval times and landed in the 21st century through a time-machine.

Watch the video below :



Offering an explanation to the baffled viewers, RhyzOrDie showed that he had crafted a PVC pipe frame around an electronic longboard and fixed a carpet on top of it, creating the optical illusion of a magic carpet.


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