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Man Opens Up On How Hawa koomson Punished Students Mercilessly To Speak English In School Amid Her Post-Vetting Saga

Young man identified as AJ Sterling on Twitter has joined the tall list of trolls of Mavis Hawa KoomsonMember of Parliament for Awutu Senya East Constituency amid her English fluency during her

Twitter has been buzzing currently with savage comments on a viral video of Hawa Koomson fumbling to provide a correct definition of fish farming.

Hawa Koomson was vetted on Thursday, 18, February as Minister-designate for the Fisheries and Aquaculture Ministry but she failed to impress the vetting committee when they asked her to define “Fish Farming” and give its advantages.

She laughingly said: Thank you Mr Chairman, I will try my best. Fish Farming is the process of rearing of fish in the reservoirs, fish ponds etc…” and added few advantages saying; ‘One advantages of Fish Farming is it makes the farmer earn some income and it also increases fish in the community for consumption…[sic]

After her failed attempt to answer a simple question in her ministry, some Ghanaians believe she does not deserve to be given the position as minister.

One Twitter user, AJ Sterling who happened to be once a student of Icodehs Islamic JHS at Kasoa and had Madam Hawa Koomson as her teacher joined the tall list of trolls.

According to him, Hawa Kooson enforced with severe punishment on students who were caught speaking vernacular.

He wrote:

Hawa koomson was my headmistress at icodehs islamic JHS at kasoa and it’s very pathetic to see how she saying English is not our mother tongue . She enforced us to speak English any time we are in school ..punished us mercilessly at school when ever student speaks vanacular

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