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Man kicks out girlfriend by midnight as he wraps her belongings like Christmas gift after finding out she’s cheating with her male bestie (VIDEO)

A man has strategically kicked out her girlfriend from his house on Christmas day at midnight after finding out that she has been cheating on him with her bestie.


The man wrapped the belongings of the girlfriend like a Christmas gift as if they’re traveling and made her believe he’s gotten her something for the festive season.

Well, after the girlfriend unwrapped the box she found her things parked in it then the confused facial expressions engulfed her face.

The boyfriend then told her she should carry her things and leave as he found out she’s having an affair with her bestie known as Zoe

In the video that was shared on the internet, the lady initially pretended to be unaware of what he was talking about but later admitted to knowing who the Zoe guy is.

She however noted that the Zoe guy is her coworker whom her boyfriend knows that he’s just a bestie to her and the boyfriend said whether they are coworkers she knows she’s having an affair.

The boyfriend insisted that she still pack her things and move out of the house.







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