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Man beats his wife mercilessly for feeding their kids with Gari

A Nigerian man went berserk by unleashing his fury on his wife when he discovered she has fed their children with gari while he was left starving. 

The man, Onyedika Chibuike was called out by a social media user for always bullying his wife. The source who leaked the information alleged that the man assaulted his wife because she fed the kids with the only food left in the house leaving him to starve.

“The family had nothing to eat in the house except Garri with which she fed her children. The husband, however, took offense and queried her for feeding the children with Garri.

He then went ahead to give her a severe beating resulting in the terrible injuries you can see in the video. This is not the first time the husband has vented such hideous anger on her.

In a previous incident, he almost set the lady ablaze by pouring fuel on her body, she narrowly escaped before he went to bring lighter. Her Husband is a malevolent bully and I call upon all well-meaning citizens to come to the aid of this women before the unfortunate happens,” a source said.


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