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Mahama’s Letter To The Chief Justice Reminds Me Of Mariama Ba’s “So Long a Letter” Epistle

The only difference is that while Mariama Ba used her epistolary skills to inform and enlighten society on some ills of society against a group of people, Mahama’s one is aimed at derailing the governance structure of the country.

Having lost the 2020 elections and hoping that the only means to get another opportunity to lead the party is to hijack it and all its branches, this desperate former president is in court with a petition which only a mother can love.

He claimed to have more than enough evidence to support his claims but has failed to abduce a single one to buttress those claims.

Now, Tsatsu Tsikata has written another letter to the Chief Justice asking to be allowed to interrogate a question posed by Justice Marfo-Sau.

It is about Jean Mensa. They hate her with venom. They hate her guts. She gives them the jitters with her exceptional delivery.

These tangential issues are but legal gymnastics being adopted by Tsatsu Tsikata and his team who appear hypnotized by proceedings so far.

This Jean Mensa petition will not see the light of day since it is frivolous, capricious and whimsical.


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