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Mahama DCE Turns ‘Soldier’

Donkor Fuseini in the so-called military uniform, campaigning in Sekyere Afram Plains on a motorbike

RESIDENTS OF Sekyere Afram Plains Constituency in the Ashanti Region are said to be living in fear following reports that some politicians want to turn the area into turmoil.

Donkor Fuseini, the immediate-past District Chief Executive (DCE) for the Sekyere Afram Plains during the National Democratic Congress (NDC) era, has been fingered to be trying to cause mayhem.

According to reports, the NDC, especially Donkor Fuseini, is plotting to take advantage of the upcoming voter registration exercise of the Electoral Commission (EC) to cause troubles in the area.

The NDC that controls the Sekyere Afram Plains seat is bent on retaining it, and the NPP has said it will snatch it from the NDC so the stakes are high in the constituency.

DCE’s Suspicion

The current DCE for Sekyere Afram Plains, Joseph Owusu aka Odenkyem, has alleged that the NDC wants to create fear and panic in the constituency in order to help them retain the Member of Parliament (MP) seat in 2020.

According to him, the NDC leadership in the area, including the sitting MP, Alex Adomako-Mensah, recently met at Kumawu to hatch a diabolical plan to cause mayhem in the constituency in the coming days.

Speaking on radio, Odenkyem, who is the head of the District Security Council (DISEC), said he was aware of all the “evil” plans of the NDC to disturb the peace of the area, saying “we shall crush them.”

He said Donkor Fuseini was absent during the recent NDC meeting at Kumawu “but he is the main architect of all the troubles and mayhem that the NDC is planning to unleash on the people of the constituency.”

Odenkyem said Donkor Fuseini had recently been spotted in various communities in the district, dressed in military uniform and putting in place strategies to spark troubles in the district in the coming days.

“Donkor Fuseini prevented me from winning the Sekyere Afram Plains seat for the NPP in 2016 due to his dirty works,” Odenkyem, who is NPP parliamentary candidate for the constituency, bemoaned.

“He has started his dirty works again to cause panic and fear so that the people cannot register in their numbers to vote for the NPP, but let me warn him that he would fail this time around,” he said.

“Donkor Fuseini is being tracked by the security agencies day and night, and if he dare engage in any illegal activity the security agencies will not hesitate to arrest him,” the Sekyere Afram Plains DCE warned.

According to him, Donkor Fuseini has already started tribal politics in the constituency, adding that the NPP is putting in place effective campaign strategies to foil every dirty trick of the NDC in the area.

Donkor Fuseini Reacts

Reacting, Donkor Fuseini said he had only started touring the constituency to organize the NDC members ahead of the registration exercise so he has not committed any illegality.

“I am not wearing soldiers’ uniform as the DCE is alleging. My attire is only a camouflage and I have not been doing any tribal politics or causing any fear and panic in the constituency,” he said.

Donkor Fuseini stated emphatically that he would continue to tour the constituency and pay homage to the chiefs and also organize the NDC members so that the party would retain the MP seat in 2020.

He stated that no amount of intimidation by Odenkyem and some elements in the ruling NPP would make him rescind his decision to campaign vigorously for the NDC candidate and ex-President Mahama.


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