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Lockdown, Closure of Schools, Ban on Gatherings. Things to expect in Presidents 23rd Address

We are not in normal times.

A nose mask and frequent use of hand sanitizers are the new normal

An elbow greeting or a wave is the new normal.

Having a conversation at a distance with a close one is the new normal.

All this is due the intrusion of a virus into our land.

The virus (Coronavirus) was first detected in March this year and since then, the President has not looked back and hesitated in fighting the virus.

Drastic measure such as closure of schools, Closure of all borders (land, sea and air), banning all social gatherings and locking down certain parts of the country.

This was intended to stop the spread of the virus.

Subsequently, certain restrictions were eased to avert the economic hardship those measure brought on people.



In the aftermath of easing these restrictions, the case count is increasing exponentially with death rates also going up. Each of the 16 regions as reports are currently having active cases.

Several organizations have been calling on the government to bring back those restrictions that were in place some time back to reduce or stop the spread of the virus.

Some of the sactions they are calling for includes a lockdown, Closure of Schools again and a ban on social gatherings.

The President of the Republic is set to make his 23rd Address to the nation on measure taken against Covid19.

Will these restrictions be reimpose by the President in his address?

Only time will tell.

Please wear your mask and keep a safe distance when in public to stay safe.

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