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List of top 10 African countries with the highest salaries for workers

It has been documented that Africans are 10 percent more likely to live through a coup than people in other parts of the world.

Highest salaries for workers: This has often been blamed on the continent’s history of coups and the poor economic conditions most countries face.

But over the decade, such military takeovers have become less common with most countries taking instrumental measures to grow their economies and improve their political environments.

Expatriates and multinational companies have even been attracted to most of these countries, and have invested big in them. At the moment, there are so many job opportunities in Africa with better salaries for anyone looking to move to the continent.

Numbeo, a body that provides timely information on world living conditions recently listed the countries in Africa with the highest paying jobs and salaries. Here are the top 10:

List of top 10 African countries with the highest salaries for workers from lowest to highest


Seaside boulevard in Algiers, the capital of Algeria. North Africa

Having one of the largest reserves of natural gas in the world, hydrocarbons have been the backbone of the economy, accounting for roughly 30% of GDP, and nearly 95% of export earnings. People in Algeria are paid an average of $295.22 a month.


Highest salaries for workers: Ghana’s rich and diverse natural resources, as well as its stable political system and respect for press freedom and free speech, have contributed to the growth of its economy. Apart from the oil sector, its economy is driven by manufacturing, automotive, industrial minerals, ship construction, among others. The country has an average monthly salary of $313.00.


Despite some of its economic and political shortfalls, the country has some of the best average wages. The average monthly salary after tax is $352.78.


The average net salary in Morocco is $402.41 per month, and with a stabilizing economy, a lot of expats are mostly attracted to the country. If you want to make it big in the country, enter the well-paying job sectors; these are human resources, manufacturing, banking, business, and finance as well as tourism.


A recent World Bank report said Tanzania’s economy has witnessed impressive annual growth averaging between 6 to 7 percent. Most people are dependent on agriculture, with insurance and financial services being the highest paying sectors.


One of the best countries in Africa to do business with a stable political system, people in Mauritius are paid an average monthly salary of $666.66. Its highly paid sectors are finance, manufacturing, and tourism.

Having sufficient diamond deposits and being among the world’s top five producers of uranium, the average net salary in Namibia after taxation is $753 per month.


Having the highest number of wealthy persons in Africa, South Africa is also the continent’s mining, industrial, and financial hub. Most of its highest-paid professionals are software engineers, lawyers, IT managers, air traffic controllers, and architects. The average monthly net salary after tax is $1,188.89.


Data from Numbeo show that Zambia has an average monthly salary of $1,482.22 while the cost of living and rent is low compared to many African countries. The GDP per capita is $1,607.36, with its lucrative sectors being finance and banking, mining and telecommunication.


Despite the mayhem that followed the death of ex-leader Muammar Gaddafi and the pockets of violence that are still in the country, Libya’s job market remains lucrative. The economy of the mostly desert and oil-rich country has been favourable, with statistics from Numbeo showing that the average monthly net salary after tax in Libya is $1,713.77.

Among the world’s ten richest oil-producing countries, some of the highest-paying jobs are in oil and mining, as well as, in banking and finance.


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