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Lawyer Maurice Ampaw Reveals The Number Of Years Akuapem Poloo Could Be Jailed For Indecent Exposure

Celebrity Lawyer, Maurice Ampaw has reacted to the ongoing brouhaha surrounding Akuapem Poloo’s nude photo.

According to Maurice Ampaw,Akuapem Poloo could spend up to 3 years in jail or pay a fine for indecent exposure.

He made this revelation during an interview with Ghanaweb.

Maurice Ampaw asserted that Akuapem Poloo’s shameful act is against the child’s protection law as well as a  criminal offence.

“The punishment is that when they are found liable, they can be sentenced to 2-3 years, and they can also be fined. They are all criminal offences.”

“We all have rights and these rights that we have are regulated by law. You have your body, have your privacy with your body and you think you have the right to do whatever you want to do with your body.

“So Akuapem Poloo thought that it is her body, that it is her child so therefore if she decided to go nude before the child, to her it is exercising her rights and it is her privacy. But she has forgotten, that same right is subject to the laws of the land.

“And the laws of the land under section 108 of the Criminal offences Act 29 clearly state that if you go nude, or create a situation whereby you decide to spoil the minds of others, then you will be held responsible. So nudity is prohibited by the laws of the land”. Lawyer Ampaw expatiated.

Lawyer Maurice Ampaw also disclosed that posting a nude photo which contains obscenity and poses as a form of sexual abuse is a criminal offence and the perpetrator could be jailed.

“There’s a law that talks about obscenity, that if you publish anything that has the potential of debasing, corrupting, defiling and spoiling the mind of observers and readers. The Children Act protects children against all things including materials that pollute the minds of children.” He added.



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