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Lady packs food inside nylon after asked to inside nylonfor takeaway pack; video goes viral

Lady packs food inside nylon after asked to pay for takeaway pack; video goes viral

A video of a beautiful Nigerian lady, @DheeDrey on Twitter, is currently making the rounds as it got people talking.

Dhee Drey shared a video herself at a fast food restaurant with a friend, and it shows her lamenting after she was told that she would pay for a takeaway pack for her remaining food.

The young lady quickly improvised and used a nylon bag and another takeaway pack on her table.

“I was pissed down to my bones yesterday.. fr! I never knew that people pay for takeaways at restaurants…. You can’t increase the price of food and tell me to pay for takeaway!! Smh! Reason I’d rather eat at a mamaput #food #” she wrote as she shared the video.

Watch the video below


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