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Lady beaten to a pulp by her best friend & 6 other friends (VIDEO)

A video of a Slay Queen being beaten by 7 people Mercilessly has surfaced on social media and fast going viral.

In the video, 7 other people both men and women have teamed up and are beating one lady with no remorse.

According to the reports, the lady being beaten was lured to meet her best friend whom she had an argument with for some undisclosed reasons.

She was told to meet her for them to solve their misunderstanding but it turned out she was set up.

She got there and she received the worse beating of her life not only from her best friend but 6 others who were lurking around waiting for her.

Flavour after the assault

The lady who has been assaulted explained that she received a message from an unknown number insulting her. But she suspected it was from her best friend, Ella.

The message read:

“Come me and you no be mate ooo… None of your family wan get money more than my father or any member of my family. Ok, you know say you be the worst fool ever, family of prostitute. Very stupid girl that doesn’t have sense. See girl wan her mama na my guy sugar mummy ooo, na because of you we all have middle fingers”.

So when Ella invited her for peace talks, she gladly accepted not knowing it was an ambushed

Watch the video going viral below

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