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Lady attempts to shoot Prez Nana Addo during #FixTheCountry Protest (VIDEO)

Strange as Lady attempts to shoot Prez Nana Addo during #FixTheCountry Protest

Ghana’s youth turn to social media to ‘fix country’s problems’
What started as a social media campaign under #FixTheCountry is turning into a full-fledged movement propelled by predominantly young Ghanaians calling for better living conditions.

Social media users in Ghana are adhering to the hashtag #FixTheCountry in droves to pressure the government to improve its citizens’ lives.

The social media initiative is starting to leave cyberspace and taking first steps in the analog world. Among the new movement’s demands are more jobs, no corruption, fewer taxes, and better education.

However, a lady recognized as Etwe De Funche during the #FixTheCountry Protèst attempted to shoot Prez Nana Addo with a very long gun. Many people are calling for her arrest.

However, she isn’t in Ghana at the moment.

Watch the video below:



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