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Kumasi Guy Who Cursed Twene Jonas Nearly Beats Up a Journalist, Here’s Why (HOT VIDEO)

The Kumasi guy who cursed social media commentator Twene Jonas nearly gave Rashad of Ghpage the beatings of his life during an interview.


A few weeks ago, this Kumasi guy came on social media with some eggs and bottle of schnapp to Curse Twene Jonas for bashing Asantehene for looking on and allowing galamsey to destroy lands an3f water bodies in his community.

Later, Twene Jonas replied the Kumasi guy saying that he doesn’t believe in superstition and the curses against him won’t work on him.

Well, sighted a video shared on the Instagram page of Ghpage where the Kumasi guy was being interviewed by Rashad.

The Kumasi guy in the course of the interview got pissed off after the host, Rashad, posed a question to him concerning his curses towards Twene Jonas.


Rashad said “People say social media curses don’t work before we have seen some before”.

The Kumasi guy out of anger took off his shirt and walked out of the studio during the interview.

He later came back to hold the presenter, Rashad, by the neck an pushed him into his car and walked off again.

Attempts to cool him down proved very unsuccessful









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