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Kofi Adoma Reveals The First Thing Celebrity Madman “Mona Mobl3” Said After He Shaved His Rasta Hair | Video

Angel FM Broadcaster, Kofi Adoma Nwanwani gives details from the Rehabilitation center where popular celebrity madman, Kofi Ampofo aka “Mo Na Mobl3” is receiving treatments at.

On 20th April, 2021, Popular Ghanaian Mad celebrity affably called “Mona Mobl3” was trending after a picture showing his new look after he shaved off Rasta hair popped up.

“Mo Na Mo bl3” became a household name after Kofi Ampofo was spotted in a trending video telling people who were busily working that they are just toiling for him to enjoy at the end.

His term “Mo Na Mobl3” was used as meme in funny videos and even a musician used it as a title of his song.

He later was interviewed by Kofi Tv where his parents together with some family members detailed the genesis of his mental illness, click here to watch the video.

In the picture spotted by, the popular Celebrity mad man has gained a new look as his Rasta hair has been shaved. Although he looks unrecognizable, he looks cute.

Kofi Adoma Nwanwani who through his help is seeing Kofi Ampofo to recover his mental illness has given an update on his health at the Rehabilitation Center.

According to Kofi Adoma of Kofi Tv, he recommended Kofi Ampofo to trim his hair and not to completely have it shaved off because it represents his brand but others suggested otherwise which made the popular “Mona Mobl3” man to have his Rasta being cut off.

Revealing Mona Mobl3’s statement after he had his hair shaved, Kofi Tv stated that the day after his hair cut, he had a sound sleep because he enjoyed the air that passed through his shaved hair.

Also, Kofi Adoma revealed that Mo Na Mobl3 has missed his family as he keeps looking for a phone to reach his parents at home.

Watch the video below:




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