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Kofi Adoma Hints on another possible lockdown as he discloses more credible detail

Renowned Ghanaian presenter and journalist, Kofi Adoma Nwanwani at it again with his expectations. He is known for his exact forecast of occasions in the nation.

He holds the record of anticipating precisely what happens whenever the president tends to the country.

Kofi Adoma Nwanwani has anticipated twice about the president’s country’s location on the Covid-19 route forward with a 100% exactness. It could be recalled when he was welcomed by the BNI for precisely anticipating each move of the president.

He is here again with another likely to happen predictions.
Here, he speaks about what will likely happen after the electoral commission finishes the New Voter’s Register.

According to Ace Broadcast journalist, it is very likely that the country will go a second lockdown after the voter’s registration exercise. He explained that the government can come out and say Ghanaians have failed to adhere to the COVID-19 protocols and the number is increasing, so he is locking down the country.

He explained politically that if it happens that way, campaigns and rallies will be affected, and the party who will bear the greater effects is the National Democratic Congress.

He further explained that the government can decide to lock down the country and provide free water and electricity for Ghanaians. This in effect will win the hearts of Ghanaians towards the NPP government because the NDC will not have the opportunity to also do the same.

He concluded that he cannot confirm it, but it’s very likely to happen so Ghanaians should take note and wait for it.

Source: Ghanaown

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