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Kim Kardashian invents body tape for women low cut dresses. VIDEO

American reality TV show celebrity Kim Kardashian has invented a new fashion accessory called the body tape.
The body tape will serve as a brassiere for women who wear revealing clothes and don’t want their bra strap to show.

She posted on her Twitter account saying “Body tape has been a huge part of my life! Can’t live without it and so excited @skims is launching three shades of the best boob tape!” She dropped different pictures of herself in dresses where she had to wear a tip due to the design of the dress like low cuts and bare backs.

The main aim of the tape is to hold the breasts up firmly and cover the n¡pple area just like a brasserie in any dress. Many women have commented on the new products saying they’ve been waiting their whole life for such a design.

Kim also added that. “Taking the tape off has been so painful and left me with cuts and burns throughout the year; so it is important I made sure our @skims tape is gentle and less painful when removing it.”

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