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Kevin Taylor Sends Another Simple Message To NPP Over Mahama’s Goverment

The Ghanaian US based investigative journalist, Kevin Ekow Taylor has sent another simple but hot message to NPP and Nana Akufo-Addo including Ghanaians after hearing that Ghana to hold funfair for covid-19 vaccines received.

The Investigative journalist on with all due respect show yesterday, on loud silence radio and TV network has ask that NPP party supporters should simple flipped the coin and see that if it’s Mahama‘s time of office what will be the reply to NDC and Mahama as president on holding a funfair?

He quizzes them that why is NPP party Officials making celebration after every single bid they got from elsewhere to support the country to move forward?

Kevin Taylor told the NPP and Ghanaians that even if it was him and during Mahama’s time and he holds feast to celebrate the covid-19 vaccines brought, he will talk as an individual who will jab him and call people of Aglow women of Ghana to join him in prayers against him.

Kevin Taylor who had seen how things has turn into celebrations in the country stated that when NPP government purchased ambulances into the country, they celebrated massively to shamed their critics. When they brought just hospital beds into the country, they and the president went and cut sod, and then jubilate over it, and the most funny thing to him was that when they create covid-19 tracker app led by vice president Dr Bawumia, they celebrate and share money among themselves but where is the app now.

Kevin Taylor said on the show that president Nana Akufo-Addo and NPP have turned the country into comedy and henceforth, they should stop that and focus because what they’re doing now, if it happens under Mahama’s leadership, they will not take it like a joke but will chase Mahama to his home town to let everyone know who Mahama and NDC people are.

He asked if Aglow Ghana women still exist.


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