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Ken Agyapong’s bitter ‘Baby Mama’ speaks about his alleged involvement in ‘drugs’

Bitter ex-fiance of Assin Central Member of Parliament(MP), Kennedy Agyapong has reacted to infamous claims that the outspoken lawmaker was into drug trade which was a major source of his wealth

The woman who is the mother of Anell Agyapong has been ranting since Monday but revealed that she can swear by any diety and testify everywhere that Kennedy Agyapong does not deal in drugs as his detractors claim

There’s an erroneous perception popularly propagated by the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) that Kennedy Agyapong made his money through pushing of drugs beyond the borders of Ghana.

This perception lingers on although, Kennedy Agyapong has on countless occasions explained that he made money through American Lottery, driving taxi in America and other businesses rather than cocaine people continue to doubt him.

Speaking in a video currently available on various social media platforms, the mother of Anell, daughter of Kennedy Agyapong who he has disowned due to her love for hard drugs and prostitution said Kennedy Agyapong hasn’t been fair to her and her daughter, she can vouch for the Assin Central Member of Parliament that he does not do drugs like people perceive hhim to”.

“I can take an oath, swear of defend you that as for you regardless of how you’ve treated us, I mean me and my daughter, I will defend anywhere that you don’t do drugs”.

She, however, said she’s aware one other daughter of the Businessman is into drugs and brings drugs to his house so he should check it.

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