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Ken Agyapong exposes pastors who patronize Amsterdam’s red light brothel

The Member of Parliament (MP) for Assin Central constituency Kennedy Agyapong has exposed Ghanaian Pastors who continue to visit Amsterdam’s ‘Red Light District’ which houses a number of brothels.

He stated that these same pastors describe Amsterdam’s popular tourist center as Sodom and Gomorrah yet patronize the place when they go on holidays.

According to the business mogul, Ghanaian pastors tag the picturesque building which generates millions of dollars to the Dutch government as a brothel yet go there for sightseeing among other things

In his view, these Pastors will do everything within their powers to pray and curse whoever will try to replicate the booming tourism in Amsterdam to Ghana.

The tourist center is said to have over 290 red-lit window brothels where the Dutch government generates taxes of about €650 million annually from commercial sex workers

‘Red Light District’ which is noted for a wide array of restaurants, museums, bars and coffee shops fetch the government huge sums of monies.

This beautiful structure, in the controversial lawmaker’s view can be built in Ghana to boost tourism to generate money for the nation.

He said Ghanaian pastors are not in support of Ghana putting up similar infrastructure because of the brothels attached to it yet visit ‘Red Light District’ when they go to Amsterdam.

The business tycoon suggested that corporate tax coupled with other taxes cannot build the nation advising the government to channel part of its energies into tourism.

Addressing some chiefs and queen mothers in Amsterdam in a video sighted by, the outspoken lawmaker said, ‘Corporate tax cannot do anything, tourism is the way to go, what do they have in Amsterdam?, Red Light District, when it comes to Ghana, you will have Pastors, Reverends, praying and cursing you, saying this is Sodom and Gomorrah, we are cursed. But when they come here, they want to go to Red Light and experience it. I’m drawing your attention to the tourism in Amsterdam’.

Mr Agyapong bemoaned the little tourism sites Ghana have to show to the world urging Ghanaians to draw lessons from Amsterdam.

‘Let us think about this, how we are going to change our country. Why are we going to the Dutch, the Chinese for loans are they human beings than us. Why are they able to do it and we can’t do it, let’s think about this, God created us in his image,’ he opined in the video sighted by

He described ‘Red Light district’ as a fun place to be recalling that he used to visit there in the past with some of his friends but stopped going there when he became an MP.

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