Kelvin Taylor drops a secret about inauguration of Akufo Addo

The most anticipated 2020 general elections was successfully conducted and President Akuffo Addo secured his second term to serve as President of the Republic after he was declared the winner of such a competitive contest by the EC. The aftermath of the elections have not been friendly with series of sporadic protests and banters between the two leading parties and the EC. It seems the tension is yet to be calmed as the NDC have finally filed a petition to register their displeasure and seek redress to their allegations.

Ghanaian based American investigative Journalist and lifetime founder of the Loud Silence Media, Kelvin Ekow Baidoo Taylor has once again caused a massive stir online with his recent comment about the elections and its post drama. Kelvin Taylor is widely known to be one of the journalists who dedicated his show to talk about the election and mostly expose some mishaps in the NPP government. He has been tagged as a pro NDC Journalist due to his constant attacks and avid criticisms against the Akuffo Addo-led NPP government.

The brave investigative Journalist has returned with fire on his televised With All Due Respect show. In the latest episode of the show, he turned “Prophet” and made some tough revelations concerning the things that might happen in the country. It was a night with plethora of prophecies from Kelvin Taylor and Ghanaians started calling him “Prophet Taylor”. He reacted to Mahama’s petition at the Supreme Court and called for non-partisan rule. According to him, any manipulation in favor of candidate Nana Akuffo Addo will trigger some controversy and its extreme consequences will be unbearable for the country.

Speaking further, he made a startling revelation about the inauguration of President Akuffo Addo on January 7, 2021. According to him, Akuffo Addo is not the president-elect and any attempt to forcefully swear him in will cost Ghana dearly. I couldn’t see or hear very well but God told me, that “Akuffo Addo must not be sworn in now.”

Kelvin Taylor angrily reacted to the NPP’s decision to challenge the High Court injunction on Hohoe seat. According to him, that is a deliberately calculated attempt in connivance with the Electoral Commission to disenfranchise the SALL people and subvert the will of the people. “Peter Amewu will probably not be sworn in after the case is decided on January 4th. It would only take some backdoor manipulations to lift the injunction,” he said.

Meanwhile, many Ghanaians have also shared some mixed reactions over his comments. Many have lampooned him over the defeat of the NDC in the elections. A careful perusal through the comments suggested that he wants to gain relevance after he shamefully failing to achieve a win for Mahama. Many other Ghanaians, especially from the other side of the political divide also eulogised him for his bravery Journalism.

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