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Kan Dapaah’s leaked tape a tip of the iceberg – Fadi Dabbousi drops hint of more leaks

Ghanaian-Lebanese and sympathizer of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) with close links to the presidency, Fadi Dabbousi has suggested that the National Security Minister Albert Kan Dapaah is a victim of a grand scheme targeted at blackmailing top officials of the current government.

In a leaked video, the National Security Minister who was abroad threw caution to the wind and spoke recklessly about how he would miss his lover and all.

The side chic, who allegedly recorded the video, does not show her face but kept instructing the love-struck minister to show his face properly in the video so she could leave no one in doubt that it was indeed Albert Kan Dapaah.

Albert Kan Dapaah seemingly unaware that he was being recorded and that the video chat could leak obeys every instruction of the lady and turns around severally even in only his pyjamas.

Since the release of the video on social media, there have been mixed reactions with some calling for the dismissal of the minister.

However, Fadi Dabbousi believes the video is just one of the many in existence against Ministers of the current administration.

“Let me state that there has been a consistent effort to denigrate the office of the President by setting up government officials in such lewd videos, this one being the mildest so far.

The motive of those behind this disgraceful effort to mar the reputation of the Presidency is in twofold: a) to have the target person sacked in order to have that position, and/or b) to use the video to demand ransom. Little did the prostitute know that she was being used as bait for a grander scheme” he wrote.

According to him, many high profile people have fallen for such ploys, and have saved their skin by paying to have the video set aside, albeit each time the assailant is broke, the video is used as a trump card to extort money.

He further disclosed that the current viral video of the National Security Minister was recorded in 2018 but efforts made since then to get it released failed.

“Those behind it tried to make it go viral then, but failed. They tried releasing it in 2019 again, but still failed. They used a different ploy to get Kan Dapaah and failed again. Apparently, their New Year message to Hon Kan Dapaah this time is the resurrection of the video” he added.

While serving notice to persons behind the leaked video, Fadi Dabbousi said “Well, I reckon that if there are more videos, the perpetrators will ask their prostitute contact to release them. That is when we will take them to the cleaners with some of their filth that will shake their very foundation. Until then, we will monitor developments, patiently.”

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