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Kadija, Ibrah One’s Wife Begs Him After Chopping Shatta Wale? Ibrah Drops Screenshots


Ibrah One has just reignited his never-ending beef with Shatta Wale and this time around he accuses his wife of sleeping with his Dancehall artiste rival Shatta Wale.

The two have brawled for the longest of time, …the last we heard from them was when Ibrah’s D-Pic was leaked on the web, and Shatta Wale calling his d!.ck as small as a safety pin.

Then came allegations of Ibrah Chopping Michy and more, read on that here. or also see leaked documents of Shatta Wale’s mother not paying her rent as released by Ibrah 1.

Well, this time around, Ibrah One is here with even bigger allegations calling out her wife sleeping with Shatta Wale,

Kadija has just confirm to me that she’s been fucking shatta.I will bring out all evidence when day brake.

Ibrah wrote in a Snapchat story

insinuating that Kadija, his wife who he has a son with has confessed to having an affair with Shatta Wale, …he further tells that Kadija is now begging her for this same reason. [see screenshots below]

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