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Justice Appau lists 11 recommendations in dealing with corruption

In his address at a leadership dialogue organized by the centre for social justice, he outlined eleven recommendations which included parliament intensifying its role in the operation of the consolidated funds as a measure in the fight against corruption.

He further urged the media to hold all duty bearers accountable without fear and favour but advised it is done constructively.

He also suggested that all political party manifestos must be geared towards the attainment of national goals set by the National Development Planning Commission.

Another major recommendation is the need for a political party funding bill.

“It is regrettable to say that though we have been working as a country to uproot corruption or in a better word to minimize it gets worse by the day.

“The audited public accounts of Ghanaian technical universities for the period ending 31st December 2016 found financial irregularities amounting to 57million cedis. In 2019, three years timer, this figure jumped from 57 million to a whopping 170 million cedis.”

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