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JUST IN: Government will not punish Any Ghanaian who refuse to take the Covid-19 Vaccine

The second phase of the deadly Covid19 disease put lots of fear and panic amongst Ghanaians as most individuals were in a delimma as to whether the disease will ever have a cure or vaccine within the shortest possible timeframe considering its mortality rate.

However, the unexpected happened as Covid19 vaccines were received in the country earlier than expected which was a sign of good news to all Ghanaians.

With respect to this, the President, Nana Akufo-Addo during his 24th address to the nation on Covid19 Update made it public that every Ghanaian citizen was entitled to take the Covid19 jab in other to help curb the spread of virus alongside implementing the various safety protocols to keep ourselves safe.

The President together with his Vice President and other prominent members of parliament took the vaccine jab on March 2, 2021 to ensure that the vaccines were safe with no complications and also pave way for Ghanaian citizens to take the vaccine jab.

However, some Ghanaian citizens have taken it upon themselves not to take the Covid19 vaccine jab as they claimed the vaccine had its complications, side effects and just to mention but a few.

Due to the concerns raised by some persons concerning the Covid19 vaccines even though the President assured Ghanaians about the safety of the vaccine, the government has recently issued a press release outlining the consequences of not taking the vaccine ones a citizen of the country.

Below is a look at the press release that outlined the fake publication on how some Ghanaian citizens who will refuse the Covid19 vaccines will be sanctioned.


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