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JUST IN : FDA Shut-Down COA FS Company As They Recently Claimed It Contaminated.

Ghana made product COA FS got national attention and was on high demand both with the country, China, and some European countries when the coronavirus pandemic broke out. This was due to the rumors that COA FS a food supplement but also serves as an immune booster.

In a one on one interview with Mr. Eric Karikari Boateng, the Head of Laboratory at the FDA on Adom FM morning show “DWASO NSEM” hosted by Captain Smart, he said the FDA got a sampled the product to be tested at the laboratory and find out if it can serve as the purpose it was mentioned above

The FDA Ghana is mandated by the law to regulate and ensure the safety of products such as food, allopathic medicines, cosmetic and household chemicals, tobacco, and substances of abuse, herbal, biologics, and medical devices.

It also has the mandate to regulate the premises where the production of the regulated products is carried out.

The Authority has, since the outbreak of COVID-19 in Ghana, taken lots of drastic measures to reduce its spread including the fast-tracking of the registration process of hand sanitizers to ensure the availability of quality, safe and effective hand sanitizers on the market to protect the public.

It was early rumoured that some of the product (COA FS) has been able to cure some Chinese patients with coronavirus and it was even on high demand. This was later explained by the producer that, he is not in the position to say it cures but can say it rather boost the immune system. Since then, the herbal medicine had been on high demand within the country.

Ghanaians, therefore, pressured the FDA to get a sample and approve it to save lives According to Mr.Karikari, after a sample was collected and went through the laboratory test processes, they got to find out that the product has been contaminated.

Following this, the COA company has been closed down until they meet the criteria to be able to be on the market. Meanwhile, the medicine was certified last year and there was no complaint about it being contaminated but this time round that many people are in quest of it, F.D.A. got top find out its contaminated.

Lead researcher, Prof. Augustine Ocloo speaking on Frontline in a telephone interview, disclosed the company demanded an independent probe into the matter after the FDA told them their products were contaminated.

Finally, he ended up saying the company has been collapsed so we should detain from its use since it has been found to be contaminated and after the right thing is done, they will let the public know.


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