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Jungle Justice: Area Boys Give Thief Food And Chilled Drink After Catching Him And Forced Him To Clean All The ‘Gutters’ In The Area (Photo)

A group of area boys in Nigeria give thief chilled drink and food after catching him then later forced him to clean all the drainage in the area


This was shared on Twitter by @El__abdool on Twitter, according to him, after they caught the thief, they didn’t beat him, they gave him a nice meal and chilled drinks and later made him clean their drainages.

He added that, after he cleaned the gutter, elders of the locality then sat the man down to advice him to stop stealing and get a better job to do.

This man stole something, instead of him being injured or killed by D people of that community, they gave him a good meal plus chilled drinks & made him continue to remove all D debris that covered all their drainages as a preventive measure against flood during rainy season

However, you can say this guy was simply lucky because normally, he would have received the beatings of his life and in some cases they will even burn him alive (jungle justice)

Below is the picture



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