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Joyce Blessing, Patience Nyarko, Other Top Gospel Musicians Accused Of Ch0pping Themselves (photos)

Gospel itself means preaching the good news about Jesus Christ hence, being a gospel Musician means you should follow suit. These musicians are expected to live exemplary lives inline with what they preach through their music. But since day one, gospel musicians have been accused of cheating in their marriages and engaging in premarital s3x despite the Bible’s warning that fornicators would not enter into the kingdom of God.

The case is not different in Ghana. In this article, we take a look at some of the gospel musicians who have been accused of having multiple s3rxual affairs.

Patience Nyarko

Patience Nyarko has been accused of having an s3xual relationship with her manager and CEO of Trust Production, Mr. Wilson Kumi. This was made known when the wife to her Manager, Mrs. Kumi accused the gospel singer publicly. According to the reports, Patience Nyarko got Mr. Kumi to abandon his family and shirk his responsibilities which made his family suffer much. Expectedly, Patience Nyarko denied the accusations leveled against her claiming that the only relationship that existed between her and Kumi Wilson is that of boss and worker, and nothing else.

Brother Sammy

Gospel singer Brother Sammy has come under intense public scrutiny for allegations that he has been having s3rxual affairs with a lady who is in his singing band. He was also being accused of sleeping with a young lady who followed him everywhere when he has a show even at radio stations. However, on the Delay Show, Brother Sammy denied vehemently the accusations levelled against him. Brother Sammy also made headlines after a fellow gospel musician Ohemaa Jackie, who is now a Vlogger, accused him of having a relationship with him which probably “ended in tears”. Brother Sammy denied ever knowing Ohemaa Jackie. An army of Facebook bloggers descended on Brother Sammy to fight on behalf of Ohemaa Jackie. Both have moved on with their lives.

Let us cut the list of Brother Sammy’s to make the article a short one.

Noble Nketiah

Gospel Singer Noble Nketia who mostly resides in the United Kingdom has been accused of sleeping around with wealthy women in the UK with the promise of helping them with building a gospel career. He was once publicly accused by a radio presenter in the United Kingdom who claimed that Noble Nketia is promiscuous. According to the presenter, Noble has a strategy of dating rich women under the guise of the gospel musician.

Obaapa Christie

Gospel Singer, Christiana love has also been accused of indulging in an extra-marital affair. This accusation against her was made by her ex-husband, Pastor Love. According to Pastor love, his investigations had revealed that the gospel singer has been having an s3xual relationship outside the marriage. Currently, Obaapa Christie is married to the man that she was accused of having a relationship with.

Ohemaa Jacky

Ghanaian gospel Musician, Ohemaa Jacky was captured in a viral video being smooched in a hotel room by a fetish priest she allegedly approached to seek help in her music career. Ohemaa Jacky herself broke news on a relationship she had with colleague brother Sammy which allegedly resulted in pregnancy. Though the headlines did not speak good of her as a gospel musician, she kept fueling the issue with new details daily until the case died a natural death.

Joyce Blessing

Joyce Blessing’s case is the most recent one among all. Her husband was accused of allegedly sleeping with her publicist. Later, several online platforms also reported that Joyce Blessing was allegedly having an affair with her gym instructor. She has since not commented on the issue and the current status of her marriage is not known.


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