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John Mahama Is Broke!— Mahama’s Real Reason For Not Using Celebs For Campaign Discovered

A while back, former President John

Mahama running for presidential seat revealed in an interview that he would not be using celebs for endorsement this year as he did in 2016.

According to him, using celebs only tend to hurt them and their careers in the long run so the need to desist from it.

As convincing as his statement sounded, that did not get to the hearts of many.

Some people are still with the belief that he lied about that decision and probably said that because he has no money.

One of such people is one Whitney Boakye-Mensah who is an event planner. She says Mahama simply lied about it.

Speaking on Peace Fm Entertainment Review, Whitney said;

“It looks like when you’re in opposition, you seem to make very sensible arguments. It cuts across whatever party political colors. And it also looks like when you’re in opposition, that is when you realize your finances…because from what we learned about governance and so forth, how money is when you’re in government; you don’t get that in opposition.”

She adds that the pretence is way too much and it is about time that we break those barriers.

“It looks like when you’re in opposition too, endorsements from not just celebrities but from Chiefs, opinion leaders cuts across; it doesn’t come like when you’re in power. When we accept some of these things, we can move on with our politics but unfortunately, we play the role of ostriches and then we pretend when we’re in power and when we’re in opposition too, then we pretend”

Source: TheBBCghana.Com

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