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John Boadu and others may suffer embarrassing flatulence, madness – Otumfuo’s Chief Priest


Leadership of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) is likely to suffer flatulence madness if indeed they are guilty of what their delegates accused them of before they invoked curses on them, Nana Baffour Sumankwahene Asare Ababio, Chief Priest of Asantehene has revealed.

According to him, though sometimes people cursed may not suffer death, they may show some  signs and symptoms that could inform others that indeed such persons have been cursed.

The Chief Priest’s explanation comes after some members of the NPP across the country invoked curses on the party’s leadership ahead of their yet to be held Parliamentary Primaries scheduled for  June 20, 2020, for disqualifying their preferred aspirants.

The disgruntled delegates claimed  that elders of the party have used undemocratic means to disqualify their favourite parliamentary aspirants  hence their decision to invoke curses by slaughtering animals and pouring libation in order unleash the wrath of the gods on the party leaders

However, the General Secretary of the NPP Mr John Boadu at a press briefing last Monday sent a strong warning to such delegates,  directing local leaders of the various constituencies to institute “appropriate disciplinary actions against them for their crass behaviour”

“The Party has observed, rather worryingly, the conduct of some members claiming to be invoking curses on the Party Leadership and in particular, on members of NEC on allegations that their preferred Candidates have been disqualified by NEC from contesting in the Primaries. We are completely appalled by such gross misconduct”. Mr John Boadu said.

“Accordingly, the party is instructing the respective Constituency Executives in the Constituencies where this unfortunate incident happened, to immediately suspend all those involved in this awkward behaviour while instituting appropriate disciplinary actions against them in line with Article 3 and 4 of the Party Constitution”.  He stressed.

But Nana Baffour Sumankwahene Asare Ababio in an interview with Angel FM Accra monitored by indicated that, though Mr. John Boadu and other party leaders may not suffer the exact punishment of the curses invoked on them but may exhibit mild signs and symptoms of the curses if they are indeed guilty of the accusations levelled against them.

“The result or symptoms of being cursed to a deity, include flatulence, madness, skin itching, living death… sometimes one may get confused or not realize they are crossing the road, skin diseases among others”, Nana Sumankwahene revealed.

“These are all the result of being cursed”, he added

He further revealed  that the only way to stop being caught by curses is to stop cheating, being dishonest, backbiting among others.

He noted that Mr. John Boadu and his colleagues are fortunate to have the opportunity to listen to their delegates invoke curses on them because it would have been a different case if they had done it secretly without their notice, urging  political leaders of the country learn to be truthful to their followers to avoid future occurrence of this nature.


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