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JJ Rawlings should be blamed for making Ghanaians lazy – Kennedy Agyapong

Member of Parliament for Assin Central, Kennedy Agyapong has blamed former President, Jerry John Rawlings for creating a mentality of entitlement among Ghanaians leading to total laziness.

According to him, Rawlings’ strategies used when he came to power as a Military Officer was not the best and didn’t encourage hard work but rather made ‘lazy’ Ghanaian employees feel entitled to what they do not deserve.

Kennedy Agyapong made this known when he was speaking on Accra-based YFM. He recalled that Jerry John Rawlings while in power killed and collapsed all private businesses by killing the leaders or make them run away from the country so that the employees of the various establishments were made to run the affairs of the companies in the name of the state.

He said Rawlings indoctrinated the people of Ghana to think that owners of these organizations were cheating them and that there was the need to rebel. In his estimation, Rawlings made Ghanaians lazy because he made them over-dependent on government rather than thinking and creating something for themselves.

“This perception that there are money rituals when we were growing up it was there but the person who worsened the situation, I will be blunt with you was ex-president Rawlings. He made people lazy and over-dependent on government. Because when he came, he killed and collapsed successful Ghanaian businesses and allowed the ordinary workers to run the business.

You don’t know the thinking that went through for him to establish this radio station so when it is given to you overnight you won’t be able to run it. So, they had CDRs, PDCs and they will be singing songs on why they won’t sit down to be cheated by owners of establishments they worked in.

“Rawlings created the impression that the owners of the businesses were cheating them. He indoctrinated Ghanaians to the extent that everything was the government. So, you see that today, most of our people have become beggars and they always depend on the government for everything.

“That is the remote cause of what we are experiencing today. Everybody thinks the government is supposed to provide everything but that is not true in any part of the world. Anybody who depends solely on government will not succeed in life,” he told YFM.


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