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Jessica Williams and Kalybos seal their romantic relationship with a “passionate kiss” [Video]

Actress Jessica Williams and Kalybos sparked dating rumor after they were spotted in a cozy pose on the web.

It will be difficult for Kalybos and rumored girlfriend Jessica Willams to deny again that they are dating after they were seen kissing in public.

The two failed to give any explanation on whether they are indeed dating or not. But even if they didn’t fans didn’t need that to confirm it because they believed what their eyes saw.

Jessica made a post on social media some days ago suggesting that she was the mistress in the life of Kalybos but the actor did not confirm her post.

In a new video shared on the wall of the actress and young entrepreneur, she was seen kissing Kalybos on the cheeks who also responded in the affirmative.

She referred to him as ‘baby’ while calling him and he responded ‘love’. Kalybos disclosed that they are currently on their honeymoon.

Watch the video below:


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