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Jacob Zuma Poisoned, Rushed To ‘Secret’ Hospital in Cuba for treatment?

The rumour mill is on overdrive after suggestions that former President Jacob Zuma was whisked away“incognito” style to Cuba for an emergency medical procedure after sources claimed he was poisoned.

This would be the second time Jacob Zuma would have been poisoned after the first attempt was allegedly orchestrated by his wife Nompumelelo Ntuli-Zuma, known as MaNtuli in 2014 whilst he was president . She was not prosecuted for the alleged poisoning attempt owing to an apparent total lack of evidence.

South Africans however are not impressed with the news citing that the former president should be treated in South Africa and not Cuba.

It must be noted that his medical trip has not been officially confirmed, but it reportedly relates to Zuma’s alleged poisoning at the hands of one of his estranged wives. According to numerous sources close to Zuma,The former President told them he either doesn’t trust South African doctors or thinks they can’t deal with poisonings.

They all maintained he had gone to Cuba to a “secret hospital”, a concept that also left a few readers scratching their heads.

The former president is also reported to be suffering from amnesia of late. Something critics say is a plot since he is due to appear in court.

“Next story to break – “Zuma terminally ill and in no condition to return to SA, will spend his last days in Cuba” or other havens for political crooks and fraudsters, read one of the Tweets

Zuma is facing 18 charges of fraud, money laundering, corruption and racketeering emanating from a controversial R30 billion arms deal package signed in 1999. He is alleged to have accepted a bribe from Thales, who allegedly wanted protection from being charged


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