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I’ve HIV but anyone who bonks me without protection is safe – Joyce Dzidzor explains

She claims her HIV/AIDS viral load has been suppressed and is now undetectable due to the antiretroviral treatment she is receiving and thus, it cannot be transmitted to another person.

Dzidzor Mensah said upon realizing this, she has had several unprotected sex with her European partner who has tested negative on several occasions he tested for the disease.

“My status is HIV 1 and my HIV viral is undetectable now. It means I can’t infect anybody with the virus. These are technical issues that the ordinary Ghanaian cannot understand. I have had sex countless times with my white boyfriend without using condom or any form of protection, but he isn’t infected because I don’t have anything that can be transmitted to him.

The viral load is zero so there is no way he can get infected. So even if I say I don’t have HIV/AIDS, I may be right. I once went to the hospital with my boyfriend and the doctor told him he doesn’t need condom to have sex with me because it is safe. And there is no way a medical officer will give such an advice if I really can infect anybody with HIV. But it doesn’t mean I can go about having unprotected sex. I can contract other STDs like syphilis, chlamydia if I become that careless. So I’m very careful,” she stated.

The former AIDS Ambassador who recently tested positive for the virus said she declared herself cured in 2019 because she was told she cannot infect anyone with the virus.

Source: MyNewsGh.com/ 2021


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