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It’s Over: Franklin Cudjoe Finally Agree With Jean Mensa

IMANI Ghana president Franklin Cudjoe has finally agreed with the electoral commissioner, madam Jean Mensa on what she had said in some years ago when she was a high officer monitoring government officials who were at Post.

The president of IMANI, Franklin Cudjoe who was very harsh on the electoral commissioner for her bad attitude towards the people of Volta Region (SALL), who they were denied their constitutional right to vote and also select their member of Parliament to represent them in Parliament.

The IMANI president who does not support evil doing with his civil society group has agreed with the electoral commissioner over what she said in 2016, and a lot of people have also commented on it, how she should have been acting in supreme but has done the opposite of it.

Back in 2016, the Electoral Commissioner was seen informing public office holders that they should be ready to account for everything that will be given or putting into their hands to monitor for the people of Ghana.

But today, the same commissioner who then was officer at IEA monitoring those people, talking and encouraging them to do a good work, and account for good accountability and has to also avail themselves to be probed some years ago contradict herself.

Today, Saturday the IMANI president posted a story of picture his facebook wall about the electoral commissioner statement that she made in 2016, and said he agree with her for saying that meaning, she should have avail herself to be cross-examined during the court proceedings.

Jean Mensa said “those who seek to govern must subject themselves to probing questions by the electorate”.

And Franklin Cudjoe said ” I agree”.

What is blocking Jean Mensa not to avail herself for probing questions that will make people’s mind clear?


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