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It was all propaganda: Rawlings never flew an aircraft under the Adomi Bridge- Retired pilot Speaks

Air Commodore Kwame Pumpuni formerly of the Ghana Air Force has revealed that there is no evidence whatsoever that former President Jerry John Rawlings flew a plane under the Adomi Bridge, emphasising that it is impossible to fly a plane under the Adomi Bridge given its size and nature of construction.

His revelation brings to rest the raging argument as to whether the former military leader did the unthinkable by flying under the bridge that was refurbished some years ago.

Speaking on the recent incident involving one of Ghana Air Force’s planes on Accra-based Dadi FM hosted by Abena Opokua Ahwenee monitored by, the retired pilot insisted that the 1979 story of Rawlings’ exploits with a plane under the Adomi Bridge was completely untrue.

The story of former President Rawlings flying under the Adomi Bridge is a story that continues to be told after decades. A story which is usually told to emphasize Rawlings’ exceptional skills as a pilot. Former President Rawlings has a reputation for extraordinary competence as a pilot. And many till date refer to him as flight lieutenant with pride.

The former President worked as a pilot with the Ghana Armed Forces before staging a coup in 1979 and later in 1981. Subsequently, he became an elected President in 1993 and rules till January 2001 when he handed over power to the NPP’s John Kufuor.

On the recent incident of a plane overrunning its apron, Commodore  Pumpuni said there is the need for a detailed investigation so as to ascertain the cause of the incident, adding that if nothing really unusual had happened, the pilots should have been able to avert the incident.

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