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Is it true you’re being blackmailed by the LGBTQ+ group? – MP to Akufo-Addo

Builsa South Member of Parliament, Dr. Clement Apaak, has fired another shot at President Akufo-Addo questioning why he has failed to state his position on the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex + (LGBTQI+) debate.

The legislator had earlier blamed the President for influencing the activities of the group, following his interview with Aljazeera some two years ago, insist the President is unable to talk because he is facing a blackmail from the LGBTQ+ community.

In his latest tweet, the MP said: “Akufo-Addo silent on the LGBTQI issue, not a statement from the presidency on a matter that has occupied the attention of the nation? Could the rumour that he is being blackmailed by the LGBTQI community be true? Akufo-Addo must clear the air, Ghanaians waiting Mr. President.”

His tweet has did not sink well with some persons on Twitter as they responded with some unprintable words.

But the MP in replying said their tweets said: “His apologists are busy trying to defend him, some claim he ordered the closure of the LGBTQI office, which is not true. Others claim he commented on the issue during the swearing-in of the Council of State, not true!”

Dr. Apaak who is demanding answers from the President recently asked the President to purge himself if he was not in support of it.

“Honestly, it must start with President Akufo-Addo. It’s not sufficient to close down an office or resource centre.”

“The President ought to address the nation, with international media present, stating clearly the fact that our laws, cultures, traditions and faiths forbid it, abhor it. The President must say clearly like his predecessors did, that our laws and traditions, culture can’t co-exist with such abominable lifestyles and that LGBTQ+ lifestyle wouldn’t and never would be welcome in Ghana.”

“This is the only way Akufo-Addo can assure the people of Ghana that he is not a direct or indirect enhancer of LGBTQI activities in Ghana. Akufo-Addo must purge himself from its bound to happen,” he added.


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