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Is former Speaker Doe Adjaho fit for Mahama’s Running Mate ? – 31 Fact checks about Him

By Kekule von Kwesi

  1. He is the only person who can look at John Dramani Mahama in the face and rebuke him if he goes wrong. Any other person will be a bootlicker, simply because he/she wants to succeed him after 4 years.
  2. He is a lawyer. Mahama in his last term will require someone who will read in between the lines of any deal he signs. Mr. Mahama himself knows how he left issues to some people and they let him down. He needs a solid Vice President to checkmate all the praise singers.
  3. He was the Speaker of Parliament. A very rare experience for a Vice President.
  4. He has acted as President more than 5+ times, experience opponents can’t even boast of currently.
  5. He is a strict disciplinarian. A no-nonsense man.
  6. He worked at the Attorney General’s Department before turning into politics.
  7. He is untainted. No corruption tag on him.
  8. He has 20+ years of legislative experience from Parliament. Mahama needs his experience to navigate Parliament.
  9. He was an MP for 20 years.
  10. He was for 4 years Majority Chief Whip
  11. He was for 8 years Minority Chief Whip
  12. He was the first Deputy Speaker of Parliament in 2009 for 4 years.
  13. He loves to debate issues. Becoming the first deputy speaker in 2009 where he could only listen is one of his “regrets”.
  14. He was a Speaker of Parliament for 4 years
  15. He has a CV richer than any opponent.
  16. He comes from the ‘World Bank region’ of the NDC. His selection will bring back all the apathy voters of 2016.
  17. He is a Christian and married with four children
  18. He is 63 years and doesn’t mind ending his career as the Vice president of Ghana.
  19. He is the most likely replacement of Mahama after four years, especially because the Voltarians have been far from the throne after the exit of JJ Rawlings, even though they are the “World Bank” of the NDC party.
  20. He is an alumnus of Accra Academy. The only school in Ghana with four Attorneys General, nine Supreme Court justices, three Speakers of Parliament, and one Head of state (Joseph A. Ankrah). Accra Aca! Bleoo!
  21. He is an alumnus of the University of Ghana. The only university for Ghanaian Presidents.
  22. He is the first Speaker of Parliament to have declined to take the Oath of Office as President after the President and the Vice President traveled out of Ghana. It only took a Supreme Court ruling to compel him to swear the oath. This is a man of conviction. He can’t be pushed around.
  23. He is very likable from both divides. He is the darling boy of the NDC in Parliament during his time as MP. He always found a way to deliver his point with a little bit of humor. His Ewe accent is unmistakable.
  24. He was a member of the Kwesi Botchwey Committee and therefore has first-hand information on why the NDC lost the 2016 election. He can use this experience to campaign for Mahama.
  25. He hates lateness. He will never hesitate to tell you in the face if you are late.
  26. He hates the recklessness and unprofessionalism of the media. He blasts them at any opportunity
  27. He can debate his opponents any day with ease because of his wealth of experience.
  28. He is very fit and active to run a cross country campaign.
  29. He is tall and handsome.
  30. A Mahama-Adjaho ticket is the real deal.
  31. He must be Vice President and then hopefully later become President to complete the Grand Slam in Politics.

By Kekule von Kwesi

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