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Increase our Ex-gratia to GH₵600,000 before we approve the Executive’s -MPs hold Executive Arm of Gov’t to ransom

The Parliament of Ghana is holding the Executive Arm of Government to random over Ex-gratia issues.

Ex-gratia is an agreed sum of money given to a high public servant to show gratitude at the end of his or he service.

In Ghana, member of the legislative (Parliament) and executive arm of government get Ex-gratia after serving a 4year term in office.

According to Joynews, members of parliament have asked for an increase in the money they take home as Ex-gratia to GH₵600,000.

The constitution of Ghana reserves the power to approve Parliament’s Ex-gratia to the Executive and the power to approve Executive’s Ex-gratia to Parliament.

The Executive arm of government headed by the President is reluctant to approve the GH₵600,000 Ex-gratia as demanded by members of parliament.

In what looks like a silent battle, Parliament is refusing to approve an Ex-gratia for the Executive until the Executive accept their demand of GH₵600,000 each for the 270 parliamentarians.


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