I’II Scrap Nana Addo’s Newly Created Ministries & Merge Others-Mahama


Former President John Dramani Mahama has reiterated the need for President Nana Akufo-Addo to cut down on his number of ministers.

Few days ago, Mr. Mahama noted that the size of the Akufo-Addo government is only having a negative toll on the country’s budget.

Speaking during a closed-door meeting with some supposed ‘disappointed’ business owners and importers in his office on Monday, the former President complained about the government’s increasing budget overruns.

“The Senior Minister, Minister of State in the Office of Vice President, Minister of State in the Office of Senior Minister, Ministers for Procurement, Monitoring and Evaluation, Business Development, Special Initiatives, Aviation, Railway Development are all an unnecessary charge on the public purse”, John Mahama stated.

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He described as unconscionable the appointment of over 60 Deputy Ministers and pledged to do otherwise.

Although he indicated that the cutting down on the number of ministers and deputy ministers alone will not in any way improve the current performance of the government, he said such a move will be in the best interest of the country.

Government justified the number of ministers saying it has reflected in the achievements of the NPP.Government Spokesperson on Governance & Legal Affairs, Herbert Krapa has said reducing government size is not necessarily the measure to drastic spending cuts by the government.

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“The expenditure on Ministers has no significant effect on the Ghanaian economy. If the former President has the figures to challenge what I’m saying he should bring it up for debate.”

However, the NDC presidential candidate says it would be important for Nana Addo to reduce the size of ministers.

In his First-ever Facebook interaction with Ghanaians, the former president said when are facing difficulties and you come with the size of 125 ministers, which I am told is a Guinness World Record; then people feel that you are not taking them seriously”.

He maintained some of the portfolios including procurement, planning, monitoring and evaluation ministries are unnecessary and would be scrapped under his watch.

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”When I return as President, Sanitation will go back to the Local Government Ministry. Aviation and Railways will go back to transport. As for Business Development, Procurement, and all those other ministries will just be scrapped, and we will drastically reduce the size of government. I believe that the government and the nation can run with a smaller number of ministers than we currently have,” he concluded.

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