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If Western countries are billing China for COVID-19 damages, how much should Africa charge them for 500years of slavery?

The evolving trend now is that, most of the powerful countries have successfully tagged China as being responsible for the outbreak of coronavirus with some of these countries billing, or planning to bill them for damages they suffered from the pandemic.

It was the German Bild, the largest news paper in Germany which issued an invoice to China enlisting the following revenue losses claimed to have been caused by the pandemic. €27 billion charge for lost tourism revenue, €7.2 billion for the German film industry, a million euros per hour for German airline Lufthansa and €50 billion for German small businesses. The total bill sent by the Bild was $160 billion.

Currently, Donald Trump equally hinted in an interview that United States is also considering the option of charging China even more than what the Bild quoted for deliberately withholding information that degenerated into the deaths and numerous damages suffered so far.

Our question is: if the Western countries are charging these amounts, or planning to charge China such amounts for few months’ damages, how much should Africa charge Europe? How much should they pay for the 500 years of slavery in Africa?

How much should Africa charge for the human beings that were chained and shipped against their will from their home land on a horrific voyage to be used to build the beautiful countries they have today? How much should Africa charge for the numerous resources stolen from the continent? The gold, the diamonds, the timber, the bauxite, etc.

How much should we charge for modern day exploitation? How much should we charge for the poverty created as a result of this thievery? How much should we charge for the deliberate shrinking of the African population? How much does the destruction of our culture cost?

The West at large have long lost that moral high ground to charge any country for damages. If anything of that sort becomes necessary, Africa must be the lead continent to demand repatriation. In fact, they should be ashamed of even conceiving that idea. Africa suffered horribly from their hands.

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