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If this is the case then I will declare myself independent- Kennedy Agyapong ‘angrily’ speaks

It is difficult to often see members of parliament belonging to specific political parties going solo or independent. This is because once a member of parliament decides to take this action, he or she faces several problems as a line is drawn between him and his supporters who are from his parent party. The members from his party commit themselves to the parent party thus causing his loss in the election.

This was different in the case of the Fomena mp who was seen in a bold move to go independent and emerging the hero in the just ended parliamentary elections. Honorable Kennedy Agyapong whiles reacting to the LGBTQ saga which has hit several social media pages made a very bold declaration in defense of Nana Addo and caused massive stir.

Many people who have involved themselves in this lgbtq legalization saga have either lambasted Nana Addo for not allowing it or lambasting him because they think there’s a probability that he’ll say yes or approve to them even when he has made none of such moves. Speaking on the Oman fm today, honorable Kennedy Agyapong boldly defended him and made some powerful statements.

Nana Addo has said nothing so why are some Ghanaians fighting him?- he questioned. Honorable Kennedy Agyapong in his defense also stated that there has not been a single day that the decisions of the president has not been in favor of Ghanaians. He revealed that the Npp and its members have Ghanaians at heart and hence no decision made will affect the progress of the country.

If this is the case then I’ll declare myself independent and this will definitely not happen because the Npp have delivered over the years and will always do- he added.


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