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If not poverty, why should your wife wash, wives shouldn’t be the ones washing — Pastor Elvis Agyemang

Pastor Elvis Agyeman, the Founder of the Grace Mountain Church has described in his view what married women must do in their marriages in order to stay relevant.

He said a good woman is the one who goes into marriage and assist the vision of the man to materialise and flourish.

“If you’re thinking about the marriage, think about the vision. If it is one hour prayer you can offer to support your husband, do it. If it is sowing of seed offerings you can do, do it. If is it encouragement, do it. If it is about reading to understand what your husband is doing, do it. That is the only way he will appreciate you.

“You cannot also sit down and only think that, you’re going to get married and only to be cooking, washing, cleaning the home and think that, you’re a good woman? You cannot be a good woman” he posited.

In addition, he said, “if not for poverty, why should your wife wash? The wives of men shouldn’t be the ones washing. Other people can do that for you, so your wife can concentrate”.

He indicated that God has given every man something and that is a woman who can help him realise his vision and dream. “Not a woman who only comes into the marriage with her body to sit at home. If the man doesn’t touch you, you’re complaining.

“The man is very serious and wants to break through. At a point in time, it is not sexual attraction that a man wants, he needs something, he needs to count money. He needs to be somewhere in future”.

Pastor Elvis was preaching to his church members in his church in a video that has gone viral on social media.

The founder of the Grace Mountain Church said he prays women find the grace they need so that they can help their men.

He added that one mistake most ladies make in life is that, “they think they are beautiful and that is enough.”

He said what even pains him the most is young ladies who instead of going to school, are rather looking up to slay queens. “Go to school and don’t follow the slay queens.

“Go to school and some man would need your knowledge and he shall respect you for that. Men respect but men respect minds and not the human body”, he affirmed.

He continued, “Everyman whose wife is intelligent, secretly the man admires her. Learn and expand your horizon and stop watching telenovelas, movies and only laugh for two hours and listen to news”.

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