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If Jesus Does Not Come This Year I Will Be Surprise – Prophet Nigel Gaisie Boldly Reveals

Nigel Gaisie, the prophet, has made a revelation to the Ghanaians, and it seems to be something new that we didn’t all expect today. The man of God, in the world, is a highly esteemed man of God, and Ghanaians are fortunate to have him as a man of God.

Through his hard times with his son and family, the good people of this country have shown massive love for the man of God. In his church, he has a large congregation of over 40,000 people, and this is a high number that categorizes him in the country as an influencer.

He revealed that he feels sympathy for non-believers living in the country and the world, according to the Man of God on a popular television station. He said that he wanted to wait until he had the cat out of the bag for the perfect day, but it seems that day is the day.

He said the time of the end, as we all know, is close, so that Christians should prepare. If this year Jesus Christ doesn’t come, then he will plead on our behalf. He further clarified that the universe is eventually coming to an end, and it pains me that there are very small children of God who are going to make it to heaven. The devil succeeded in winning more souls than Christ, and this is also the fault of God’s creatures.

Although this is a very sad news because the end time is surely close as the end of humanity will surely end sooner. But good people would be able to influence the poor among us, and surely things will be better.


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