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“I held it in my hands but it’s gone” – South Africa’s President Cyril Ramaphosa’s sad reaction after his iPad got stolen on live TV (VIDEO)

South Africa’s President Cyril Ramaphosa was rooted to the spot with his mouth left agape when he realized the iPad he has brought for a presentation had been stolen.

The SA President had brought the iPad that contained his speech for a programme on the improvement of the ports but when he stood up to deliver his message, his gadget was nowhere to be found.

He beckoned his PA to bring him his iPad but they could not find it.

Cyril Ramaphosa was dumbfounded and said he was holding the iPad, put it down for a while and he could not find it again.

This incident served as an embarrassment to the president since he was inconvenienced and had no other option to deliver his well-prepared speech.

Somebody has stolen my iPad. Somebody has decided to dispossess me of my iPad,” Cyril Ramaphosa said sorrily.


The Video Below Explains Everything:



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