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I am the one who is supposed to propose to you – Drama as boyfriend rejects his girlfriend’s proposal (VIDEO)

A man who could not fathom why his girlfriend could subvert tradition by going down on her knees and proposing to him has boldly walked out on her. 


In a video recorded in a mall setting, the desperate woman was seen kneeling down and begging her man to accept her proposal as she held what looks like a ring in a box.

The man who was not impressed and never anticipated the move of his girlfriend asked her to stand up saying: “I am the one who supposed to propose to you.”

The drama got thickened when the defiant woman failed to heed his advice and continued begging him to say YES to her. Onlookers could be heard pleading with the man to accept the proposal.

The video has elicited divergent reactions from a lot of netizens since it was uploaded online. See some of the comments below;

Testimony: Alert to all women!!! Listen very well, this is the best way to know if a man loves you or he is just about to use you as a spare tire. Do this and be safe after noticing the truth. It’s better and very cool, some men can lie more than demons.

Desmond: she was embarrassing the poor guy. She should have stood up when he asked her to do so. I’d do what the guy did as well.

Chukwudi: if the guy truly love the girl, he supposed to collect the ring and propose to the girl, even though he is not the one that bought it. Since he is claiming that he is the one that supposed to propose.

Watch the video below;






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