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How to Completely forget someone who broke your heart

Unrequited love makes you really want to move on and forget. But where do you even begin? At the end of the day, you might find yourself trapped in your own pain. To avoid that, do these things to forget about it:

A way to forget someone who broke your heart is letting go. Accept what had happened and let it all go. You need to face reality. It’s never easy at first. A heart break can be bitter. You will grow by going through this. The next time someone breaks your heart, you’ll be able to handle it without too much pain. Know the signs a guy is breaking up with you to help you.

2. Take it Slow

Accepting is difficult and you don’t have to do it quickly. You can take your time, as much as you want. Forcing yourself to heal won’t work. It might even backfire as you suppress your emotions.

3. Love Doesn’t Mean Being with Each Other

Being in love with someone doesn’t mean you should be with that person. Sometimes it’s better to keep that feeling to yourself. It will hurt knowing that the person will be happy with someone else. It’s one of the common reasons of being brokenhearted.

But you can’t drown yourself in your own sadness all the time. Be glad that the person you are in love with has found happiness. His happiness is your happiness too. You should look forward in finding your true love as well.

4. Getting Heartbroken is Normal

There are many instant ways to forget someone who broke your heart. Love doesn’t always end with a happy ending. It comes with the whole package that includes heartbreak too. Getting your heart broken by someone is normal. The hurt you’re feeling is acceptable.Remind yourself to never let the pain scares you off from being in love ever again. Everyone goes through this and survives, so will you.

5. Be Alone

Taking some time to be alone can be a good thing. Know the benefits of being alone for your physical and mental health. Allow yourself some space to calm yourself. When going through a heartbreak, it may sometimes feel as if you’re losing control on everything. Have some ‘me time’ to treat yourself mentally and emotionally. Sleep or cry as much as you want. You can also take this as an opportunity for some self reflection too.

6. Talk with Your Friends

Spill out everything to a friend you trust. Keeping things bottled up will only make you feel so overwhelmed. Having someone to listen to all your rants and worries will help you feel better. It’s always nice to have a friendly shoulder to cry on. Crack a joke or two and you might be able to laugh this whole thing off.

7. Don’t be Pessimistic

Staying positive is a must if you want to forget that someone who broke your heart. Don’t let the experience turn you into a pessimist. Just because it didn’t work out, it doesn’t mean that the next one won’t be successful either.

8. Hang Out with Friends or Family

Spend more quality time with your loved ones. Have fun with your friends and family. Surround yourself with the people who truly love you. Your heart will feel whole again. Thus, you need to apply those ways to forget someone who broke your heart.

9. Don’t Drown in Sadness

Being sad is okay but don’t drown yourself in it. Only be sad as much as you need to. Remember, there are people who love you. Be happy with them. It’s not worth it to waste so much time thinking about that person who broke your heart.

10. Be a Better Version of You

In case you take some time to reflect on yourself, let this heart break be your motivation. Let it drive you to improve yourself. Be superb, be a better version of you.

11. Find Someone Else

Remember the old saying that goes “there are plenty of fish in the sea”? It’s true, there are millions of them. 1 person might break your heart but there are still hundreds of potential lovers waiting for you. Turn over a new chapter and get to know new people.

12. Stop Overthinking

Don’t think too much about your heartbreak. Overthinking might only make you feel awful and depressed. Stay calm and think with a clear mind. Occupy your mind with something else instead.

13. Not Your Soulmate

Getting your love turned down doesn’t mean you’re not good enough. In fact, you might be too good. You’ll find someone out there who will see your worth. That person will love you as who you are.

14. Cease All Contacts

Forget the past, forget the person too. Stop all contacts which include phone numbers, messages and social medias. Stay out of touch so you can let go easier. No stalking on social medias either.

15. Focus on Other Things

You need to focus on other things to forget the person. Find a new hobby, get involved in communities, volunteer or any other thing that will keep you busy. The busier you are, the less time you have thinking about it. Do these ways to stop loving someone who doesn’t love you.

16. Improve Your Personality

Make a list of all the things that you like and dislike about yourself. That also includes all your weaknesses and strength. Work on your weaknesses and display more on your strong qualities. They will make you stand out so people will notice you.

17. Make New Friends

Another way to forget someone who broke your heart is by making new friends. Find people with the same interests as you. Happiness and passion are contagious. You’ll find joy in the new people you meet. These ways to make new friends at school will also guide you.

More Ways to Move On Right Away

Here are more ways you can do to forget:

  1. Take a vacation
  2. Watch funny TV shows or movies.
  3. Listen to upbeat songs.
  4. Don’t punish yourself.
  5. Write your feelings on paper.
  6. Stop looking for the reasons.
  7. Go to a party.
  8. Exercise. A lot.
  9. Take a bubble bath.
  10. Declutter your house, get rid of old things.

You’ll be back to your old self in no time with these tips. Even a new love might just be around the corner to greet you.

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