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How ‘Rastaman’ Ras Mubarak impregnated ‘gold-digger’ Rasheeda within days of meeting shocks social media users was the first news portal to grant ex wife Ras Mubarak, former National Democratic Congress (NDC) MP for Kumbungu Rasheeda Adams audience within mainstream media when we broke news of their divorce and his marriage to a another wife.

This year however, following her ex husband coming out with his side of the story, Rasheeda Adams is now being tagged as an opportunistic gold digger by social media users who believe the Ex NDC MP was entrapped into marriage with a pregnancy.

Mr. Mubarak met Rasheeda on 1st January 2013 and by February she was pregnant and moved in to stay with him. They married 4 months after she gave birth.

“You met a politician in January 2013 and got pregnant in February 2013, got married in 2014 and packed out in December 2016 (after NDC lost) with two kids, a Hyundai Santa Fe, bowls, spoons, drinking glasses and blanket.” A social media user commented

Rasheeda Adams has been receiving serious insults from all across social media for continuously peddling falsehood about her husband when she was a “devil” herself”.

Ras Mubarak indicated that his ex wife refused to work despite all efforts to get her a job. He got her 3 jobs and she quit them all.

He also enrolled her at GIJ for further studies but she quit.

On the contrary, she had created an impression he stifled her progress and stopped her from working in order to control her.


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