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How One Night Stand Destroyed My Life And Career As A Lawyer – Law Student

26 years old final year law student name favour has shared the most heartbreaking story of her life how she ended up in bed with a guy she met only a day and not did she only get pregnant but was infected with HIV.

Read full article below;

My name is Favour, I’m a 26 years old final year student in Law.

I’ve been a victim of depression since my boyfriend of 4 years dumped me because I wasn’t ready for marriage because i was in my final year in school and didn’t want anything to distract me. I’ve been staying on my own without any friends except my best friend Jennifer.

One day, Jennifer introduced me to a handsome rich guy called Jack popular called “Jack the money” who came from Lagos to visit his friend in my school.

I talked with Jack the whole afternoon and I found him interesting and charming.

He invited me to his party that same night and before I was able to say I might not be able to make it, Jennifer shouted “We will be there!”. I had no choice than to follow her.

The night came, we went to the club and partied, I had a lot of fun but lost control and drank a lot.

I was used by Jack that night and it was the last day I set my eyes on him.

I didn’t just get pregnant for Jack, he also infected me with HIV.

I’ve wasted my 5 years in school, not just that, I also disappointed my mother and wasted my promising future of being the first lawyer in my family.

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